Client Testimonials

Back pain resolved. Skiing again after a torn ACL. Discovering a new sense of strength. Finally finding the right program. These are some of the ways I help my clients. What can I do for you?

Clients Who Are Now Pain Free!


“I have had the opportunity to train with Andrew for a few months. Andrew has provided an individualized program focusing on realistic goals. It is refreshing to have a trainer who can set achievable expectations within the number of sessions purchased. Andrew’s approach to physical therapy focuses on proper execution of movements and technique. Despite increasing effort over time, he persistently focuses on proper form, mitigating risk of injuries or flare-up from training. His approach follows fundamental principals established by Dr. Stuart McGill. As such, he provides to his clients a controlled, safe, and systematic protocol to achieve their personal set goals. I would recommend Barr Health and Fitness.”

– Phil

“With a long history of chronic back pain I decided to take charge of my health and do everything I could to become pain free. I am so grateful to have met Andrew to help me with my goals. My core strength has increased noticeably and my back is feeling great. The workouts are fun, challenging, safe and I’m always learning something new. I am seeing great results from my sessions. Andrew is a fantastic trainer with a wealth of knowledge to share and I highly recommend him.”

– Lisa

“Andrew is the best trainer I’ve ever dealt with. He knows what he’s talking about and caters to your goals. Dealing with a chronic back injury majority of my life, Andrew has got me back on my feet and active. Your goals become his and he actually cares for his clients. Definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a personal trainer.”

– Av

“When I started working with Andrew, I had been training with another personal trainer for 4 years. I liked my trainer a lot and saw great results, but I was constantly dealing with a rotation of minor exercise-induced injuries. The amount of rehabilitative therapy that I had to do to maintain my training became truly unsustainable. Within a week of applying a new program that Andrew gave me, my chronic hip and shoulder pain diminished greatly, and four months in, have now completely disappeared. Currently, I am back to my pre-injury strength after only few short months of careful, intelligent programming and I am so thankful. On top of being extremely knowledgeable and professional, Andrew also has a kind and lighthearted attitude that makes him a pleasure to work with. Training with Andrew has been a wonderful investment for me and I highly recommend him.”

– Alex

Seriously Strong Seniors


“Andrew Barr is a truly exceptional personal trainer. If it were possible to give more than 5 stars, we would. His advanced academic credentials, particularly his comprehensive understanding of body mechanics, helps him provide superior training. He also has extensive experience training and coaching. Together these provide a wide array of tools and exercises that he uses with careful adaptations to the individual. As seniors with aging related health issues, we very much appreciated his expertise and appropriate accommodations both during individual sessions and over a treatment plan. He can collaborate with physiotherapists to provide integrated care for the best outcomes. Andrew is also very personable and makes training enjoyable. His business is run efficiently and in a timely and flexible manner.”

– Ron

“As a 50+ women I was searching for athletic therapist/ personal trainer to develop a relevant strength training and exercise appropriate for my age and fitness level. Andrew is very well versed in nutrition, health and fitness. My work with Andrew has been progressing from having simple prep fitness routines to a more advanced strength training and stretching. I feel I found the PERFECT trainer/coach. My flexibility, posture, stiffness has already improved. If anyone 50+ is looking to have an assistance with the fitness Andrew is your choice.”

– Mietka

“Andrew is a gifted trainer, always encouraging one to continue with a well- planned hour of various activities to help one stay healthy! Thank you, Andrew, for your wise advice and support in my plans to stay consistent with a great training program!”

– Lyn

Clients Who Came Back from Injury


“I went under surgery at the end of 2017 for a ruptured ACL and two bucket-handle meniscus tears which caused my knee to lock in a weird position and prevented me for walking for 6 weeks before surgery, and 6 weeks after – so a total of 3 months in crutches. When I first went to see Andrew, I was still limping. I wasn’t seeing much improvement despite the physio treatments which caused my motivation to be quite low. Therefore, after five months of regular personal training with Andrew, I couldn’t be more grateful for his professional assistance. Not only can I now walk and run properly, I also squat, dead-lift and bench-press more than ever. In addition, my overall health has greatly improved. In all, the professional assistance that I’ve received from Barr Health was surely the best bang for my buck in my rehab journey!”

– Fred

“For years, I have had persistent weakness following an injury to my ACL and LCL as a teenager. Andrew Barr and I have worked together for several months to put a program in place to stabilize and strengthen that troublesome knee. It has been great! I already feel stronger, and the program really works for my busy schedule. I can’t wait to see the continued improvement. I know we are headed in a great direction. Thanks Andrew!”

– Libby

“Andrew is very knowledgeable and thorough. I had spinal fusion surgery in Sept. 2017, and Andrew is key in helping me return to sports and activity. He is also working with me on nutrition, strength training and weight loss. I couldn’t do it without him!”

– Paul

Athletes On Their Way to Great Things


“Andrew is focused on helping my son achieve his goals and makes every session challenging (& somehow fun). My son’s fitness and self-esteem has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in his core strength, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push harder throughout each session. I find he actually looks forward to his workouts.

Importantly, Andrew ensures that technique is always correct to avoid any injuries, is extremely reliable & punctual, always set up & ready to start training ahead of time, with an routine planned.”

– Rubina

“When I moved to Toronto for a new job, I decided to take my training a lot more seriously and I felt very confident that Andrew, whom I’ve known since our days at McGill when he was my Strength & Conditioning Coach on the Men’s Varsity Basketball Team, would be the guy to help me reach my goals. Professional, knowledgeable, caring, and fun, Andrew has an uncanny ability to put together efficient workouts which map out perfectly in my busy schedule. I would recommend Andrew to anyone (like, really, everyone I know).”

– Simon

Other People I’ve Been Privileged to Work With


“Andrew is a phenomenal trainer. He really works with you to deliver a well tailored workout plan. Doing this he incorporates your base range of motion, caters to pain and structures other workout options to help with issues, creating an effective custom workout (ex getting knee discomfort because of some tight adductors and weaker quads – so rolling the adductors and strengthening other muscles around the knees helped decrease the pain). As a massage therapist he helped to keep me strong within my profession. Highly HIGHLY recommend!!!”

– Jessica

“My experience with Andrew was greater than I anticipated!

Andrew has helped to improve my quality of life with his approach and training. His sessions are customized to fit to individual’s requests and always pushed me to become the better me.

I strongly recommend Andrew to anyone who is willing to make a change to a positive and healthy lifestyle!”

– Echo

“Andrew has been awesome! He motivates, encourages and ensures the exercises given are being done and correctly. Take home assignments has been very helpful to keep me moving! Looking forward in seeing my own transformation. Highly recommended!!”

– Tony

“I was stuck on a 3 year hiatus from the gym after moving to a new city for a new job. The program Andrew put together for me was tailored within my weekly availability, specifically for the fitness goals I set. The variety in daily exercises made it easy to motivate myself to get up at that 5am buzz and get to the gym before work. Have already seen measured improvement in strength and endurance in week 4. Would highly recommend Andrew’s service in putting together a training plan.”

– Travis

“Andrew is the best! His programs are challenging without feeling overwhelming and there’s so much care put into them. He’s big on giving you the Why? behind what you’re doing which I feel is so important. Couldn’t recommend more!”

– Seb

“So glad I started training with Andrew. As a beginner, Andrew took the time to assess my abilities and tailored my program to match my fitness goals. He’s the best!”

– Clarice

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